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     Foshan RCAL Building Material Co., Ltd.
    There are two production bases in Liang Ge Windows and Doors,one is Foshan Liang Ge Building Material Co,.Ltd,and the other is Changsha Zhong Ao Ling Go Windows and Doors Co.,Ltd..Foshan LiangGe Material Co.,Ltd.covers and area of 30 acres.It has modern standard workshops and office buildings,and the aluminum door industry,the indrtoduction of the first set of automatic insulating glass production line,Changsha ZhongAo LiangGe Windows and Doors Co.,Ltd. Is the first professional aluminum door manufacturers.And in the eight years,We only do one thing-proessional production,fine aluminum doors,aluminum doors in order to make room manufacturing wxperts have been appointed,At present,China has a flagshio store,image store and frachisse business outlets in more than 300,only Hunan Province, has more than More than 80.
    One、Vice President of production   one  ¥10000—15000;   
    1、2.5 years production management experience in related field and at least 2 years experience in a VP or Director position;
    2、Excellent management skills and can work under pressure;
    3、Taiwan-funded enterprises or a Japanese company working experience is preferred.
    Tow、E-Commerce Manager  one   ¥8000—15000 
    1、3-5 years of experience in e-commerce.
    2、Twin 11 days cat Taobao has operational experience and operational experience.
    3、Building material class e-commerce experience is preferred.
    Three、Brand Director of operations  one  ¥10000-15000  
    1、Development of brand strategy and marketing programs across the country.
    2、Organization build brand management system, establishing and maintaining company brand positioning.
    3、Above three years related working experience, at least 2 years experience in team management.
    4、Industries such as ceramics, wardrobe, cupboard, bathroom brand operation experience is preferred.
    Four、Domestic sales manager Several  ¥3000—10000 
    1、Love the sales industry.
    2、Outgoing, flexible thinking, to develop.
    3、Building materials industry sales experience is preferred.
    Five、The cashier one ¥3000—5000    
    1、1-2 years cashier experience, ability to manage cash.
    2、With live collections experience preferred.
    3、Cautious, methodical and principled.
    Six、Doors and windows proficient  Several
    1、At least familiar with the operation of Windows and doors working procedures together.
    Seven、Production sewing worker  Several  ¥3000Guaranteed + piece
    1、Hard working, obedient.
    2、Windows and doors factory working experience preferred.
    3、Love the manufacturing industry, and obedient.                                                             
    Eight、Production management trainee  five,¥3000-5000    (Urgent
    1、Age: 18-30, technical secondary school or above, majored in machinery, management graduates preferred.
    2、Production management, quality control, door and window technology hopes for future breakthroughs.
    Nine、Production planning specialist   one   ¥3500—6000 
    1、Enterprise scheduling with a single, 2 years planning experience.
    2、Strong resistance to pressure, have good communication and coordination skills
    Ten、Doors and windows proficient Several   ¥3500—7000,Negotiable
     1、Hard working, obedient.
    2、There is sunshine rooms, heavy-lift door or window working experience in production of high-end products.
    Eleven、QA/QC Inspector  three(Urgent),¥3000—5000  
     1、College degree or above, a strict quality inspection.
    2、Work organized and principled.
    3、Using a gauge, micrometers, calipers, screw foot measurements.
    TwelveThe doorman ¥2000—3000   one  
    1、40-50 years of age.
    2、Subject to strong, working arrangements and mobility.
    3、Turn on three shifts.
    ThirteenSupervision/inspection Commissioners ¥3000—5000   one
    1、1-2 years of experience.
    2、Work planning, research on workflow systems have understood the corporate sector.
    3、Principled, strong communication and coordination ability.
    All the above posts are living, food, months four days
    Space companies offer paid training, a good promotion
    Address: Guangdong Province, Nanhai district, Foshan City Xinhe, 2nd industrial park zone of red sand (Imperial)
    Bus route: first drive to the kiln, and Guan Feng junction, take the two hundred and seventy one-two hundred and seventy seconds to the new car, zebra crossing, towards the direction of Guan kiln walk about 200 m or so, company signboards to Liang Court-integrated aluminium Windows and doors.
    Contact: Miss he
    Tel: 0757-81002879-18923158378
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