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  • Today is the day after the end of the annual meeting, we have returned to their base, to our goal of struggle and transcendence in action with, of course, our slogan and actions are consistent. At the end of our dinner on the 26th, our deal......2015-06-08
  • 2015 is Liang Ges Leap Year Liang Ge continued with their own action interpretation of the beyond, just yesterday, that is, March 16, Foshan Liang Ge Building Material Co., ushered in from afar Italy VIP, personally accompanied by Wei total......2015-06-08
  • Recently, organized by the Association of Guangdong Province, doors, Asia-Pacific media, Tencent Asia-Pacific home organized the 2015 China (South) aluminum windows and doors Technology Forum was held in January 20. At the Forum, the organiz......2015-06-08
  • Recently, we learned through various channels, theft, and so on through the mix Liang Ge trademark brand muddy the waters, pushing boundaries surprising phenomenon, means are endless. Technology such as smart windows and doors dawn Court, of......2015-06-08
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